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Become an Animal Shelter Volunteer and Make New Four-Footed Friends

If you love animals and would like to help in the animal shelter, then the animal shelter volunteer experience is exactly what you need. Being a volunteer, you can save the lives of a large number of animals. Wonder how exactly? You will care of animals and help with their fostering. It doesn't matter what you do, even small contribution to the well-being of homeless animals is a good thing to do. Animal shelter volunteer is the best work opportunity abroad if you think that animals are our friends and making new friends seems to be a great idea for you. Everyone can become a volunteer if he or she is not younger than 18. Among the requirements for becoming an animal shelter volunteer is not to have bad habits and love animals.

Which Responsibilities Does an Animal Shelter Volunteer Have?

Being a volunteer does not mean trying to save all the abandoned animals in the world. If you hwlp at least one animal, you will do a good thing. There are a lot of different responsibilities that are divided among all volunteers. Besides such obvious responsibilites like walking animals and cleaning the shelter, you should be ready to do some administrative work. You should provide any kind of the necessary support. You cannot take the animal under guardianship for a day / week / month. If you become a guardian of an animal, you must help it on an ongoing basis.

If, for any objective reasons, you cannot go to the shelter any more, find a replacement so that the animals will not be left without a guardian. The most important thing in volunteer work is to find homes for animals. You can apply a huge amount of effort to help animals in the shelter, but always the best result of your efforts will be moving your ward to a new home where it will be cared for every day of its life.

More About the Volunteer's Working Day

The volunteer does not have a fixed schedule and a certain number of hours of work. However, usually such organizations are grateful if you take shifts lasting for at least 4-6 hours - so the project participant will make a tangible contribution to the work of the shelter. For example, you can find top projects for 2018 and join them. Some shelters have not only cats and dogs for you to take care of. Among the rescued animals there are horses, donkeys, rabbits and poultry. The territory of the shelter is usually large to hold a number of animals, which require your help on the regular basis. Most volunteers will have to walk dogs around and spend time with them, since many of them require a lot of attention and personal contact. Each volunteer will undergo training and learn how to handle these or other species of animals and how to behave with animals that have been abused.

The Best Programmes for an Animal Shelter Volunteer 2018

There is a list of the voluntary work opportunities for those who want to take care of animals in those countries, where your help is really needed.

  • Headrockdogs rescue in Thailand: Taking care of dogs who have been abandoned.
  • Cats and Dogs shelter supported in Tanzania.
  • Involvement Volunteers (Stray dog rehabilitation in Nepal).
  • Thai Island dog and cat shelter.
  • Animal rescue in Cambodia.

There are many shelters in the USA. For example, there is the Rescue Sanctuary in Southern California, Arctic Huskies in Canada, and others.

There is a large number of shelters all over the world where volunteers are needed. You can choose where you would like to go. Africa, America, Asia and other countries have animal shelters, which won't exist without the volunteer help. In the USA and Europe, shelters get funding while in other countries it is much more difficult to support animals without those who will agree to work for free.