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Buy IQOS & HEETS Online

IQOS Tobacco entered the market in 2014. Today, almost every smoker knows about not only IQOS but also HEETS. They have become a great alternative to regular cigarettes. Thanks to innovative technology integrated into the IQOS device, it has completely changed the way the smoking process goes. is a well-known place where you can buy cigarettes online. There, you can find everything you need to enjoy an amazing smoking experience, from traditional cigarettes to IQOS-related products. By heating tobacco up to 350 C, you can enjoy your smoking habit without any smoke and ash. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the nice flavor of your choice. To choose a flavor, you need to buy and install special cigarette sticks known as IQOS Heets.

IQOS Flavors to Choose from

On Cigsweb website, you can see the whole list of IQOS cartridges, Heets, Marlboro HeatSticks IQOS, Parliament, and many other products of this type. What's good is that they are all available at attractive prices, so you don't need a fortune to afford them. The cartridge supply may vary from one country to another.

Recently, IQOS has entered the Japanese market so that there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Meanwhile, the variety of options in Europe is less diverse. Since the fall of 2019, IQOS has been introduced in the United States with the Marlboro HeatStick in three versions. In 2020, the variety was expanded by different flavors of Marlboro, including Marlboro HeatStick, Marlboro HeatStick Smooth Always, and Marlboro HeatStick Smooth Menthol.

According to the European Union law, the IQOS manufacturer cannot make smoked cigarettes in Europe and Asia. This is simply forbidden from the legislative side. The only thing is the taste of menthol, which makes a great exception. According to Philip Morris, each country has a different taste to integrate into the local market. For instance, the brass label is very tight in Germany, while Poland likes the menthol flavor. In regard to prices, they are more or less the same in most countries. In Germany, the IQOS HEETS pack will cost you 6 EUR, while you will have to pay 15 PLZ for it in Poland. As you can see, there is no big difference to worry about.

The Bottom Line

The IQOS device has already become accessible in almost 50 countries all over the world. It turns out to be a smart alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. One thing is clear, it is definitely worth trying.