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Everything You Should Know about the Money Withdrawal When Betting

For players of betting sites - fast, stable, and most importantly safe access to their means and winnings - one of the most important moments in dealing with the bookmaker. This is an important topic affecting all operators, so let's carefully consider the main factors that will allow you to honestly assess the quality of financial services provided by bookmakers, among which there is worth your attention.

The Main Withdrawal Criteria You Should Check

Check the main withdrawal criteria when betting online: the variability of methods of withdrawal, speed of withdrawal, and documents that prove your identity. Sometimes, getting your honestly earned winnings is not as easy as it seems, especially from unreliable bookmakers with a dubious reputation. Before a serious game on a particular site, you need to understand how quickly and adequately the bookmaker will respond to the withdrawal request.

Try to deduce a small amount, perhaps minimal. You probably need to download the scanned copies of documents (for example: driver's license, passport), confirming the identity, and, perhaps, even visit the bookmaker's office for registration. Do not worry - it's in the order of things, and it's a reasonable step - the bookmaker should know that he is not on the bait of the fraudster, the third person, and wants to understand that it is you who own access to the account.

You are recommended to pass the verification procedure in advance, as this may take some time. If the answer does not come within a few days, contact technical support if the bookmaker for any reason rejects your documents, then the problem is either with them, or in that the bookmaker does not want to lose his money - this does not characterize the company with the best side. If you do not receive a response in the time limit regulated by the e-sports bookmaker - this gives you an excuse to contact the controlling organization - most reliable bookmakers are usually members of self-regulating organizations and find out how to withdraw money.

Another important parameter related to the withdrawal of funds is the time from the moment of processing the application for settlement, until reaching the funds of the bank card, or any other method of calculation. Time to withdraw funds (processing applications) is regulated by each company on its own, and the maximum period should be prescribed in the rules - in financial, banking information. As a rule, with respect to debit and credit cards, the period of getting money is up to 3 days (72 hours) - this is the standard maximum time of the transaction by the bank.

Despite such an impressive term, both the bank and the bookmaker, as a rule, do not pull with the operation, and money is in your account within 24 hours. When withdrawing funds to electronic purses or payment systems, the time limit may be less, but as usual, the withdrawal in this way most likely means an additional commission (unless the bookmaker takes it upon itself).