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Finding a Remote Design Job

Once you have complete your research, improved your portfolio, and highlighted down your prospects, it is time to land your first remote design job. Every detail, from your pitch to your positioning, needs to align with the particular requirements of a remote designer vacancy. Moreover, if you consider working at a top agency, you should have an in-depth understanding of the corporate dynamics and how you may fit into it. Let's learn something more about remote job prospects below.

Understand Your Employer's Offering

The employment process is not all about yourself. It is also about giving employers what they want. This is especially the case for remote jobs where your employer's needs tend to be different from the standard business. Before you proceed with your job search, focus on the company's corporate affairs.

Why employers hire remote workers

Hiring a remote worker for a company is a deliberate choice based on particular cultural and financial nuances. Your target employer most likely hires remotely because it wants to stay flexible. Or maybe it just values remote work as a convenient form of work. Thus, there are two major aspects to focus on in remote work: communication and discipline. If you want to boost your chances of getting a job, make sure to address these two qualities.

Things to Mention in Your Application

When you are ready to send your application, make sure you have everything the desired employer needs. Here are some major things to consider:

  • Working experience: Whether you have worked for yourself or for someone, specify the details in your CV. This happens to be one of the major things the employer check first.
  • Communication competence: Demonstrate your ability to express your thoughts and ideas not only during a face-to-face meeting but also through your CV. Be clear, precise, and thorough.
  • Self-organization skills: Mention your interests, hobbies, and other experiences (both within and outside work) that reveal your ability to be disciplined and stick to a schedule. Even a regular sport exercising can demonstrate your most positive qualities.
  • Experience with communication instruments: You should use a combination of modern communication tools such as Slack, HipChat,, and so on. You need them to reveal your web experience on these platforms (for instance, you can be a Slack user or a member of Join chat).
  • Experience with project management instruments: Agencies rely heavily on project management mechanisms to get work done properly. If you know such tools as Workamajig or Trello, you should definitely mention it in your CV.

Final Word

Understanding your employer will take you far in your job search endeavors. Just don not forget to come up with a solid portfolio and the right application.