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Dota 2 Bets Make Up a Great Part of Esports Betting Market

Dota 2 bets make up a significant part of the e-sports market. And it is not surprising, because Dota 2 ranks second after LoL in popularity among games in the MOBA genre. The total number of registered players already exceeds 14 million. The average daily online is about 400-500 thousand gamers. There are a lot of teams playing Dota and winning tournaments. You can get acquainted with them at Discipline also boasts the largest prize pool in history ($ 24,787,916 per TI7) and millions of people in the broadcast.

Types of Bets on Dota2

Since the first online bets on the game Dota2 in 2011, their range has expanded significantly. Now bookmakers for betting on eSports offer a line that can be 100-200 coefficients in one series (bo3 or bo5). Conventionally, all bets on Dota 2 can be divided into the following types:

  • main outcomes (winner of the card, series, handicap, and card total);
  • statistics bets (total, odds odds, game time, 10 kills, fb);
  • bets on objects (the murder of Roshan, courier, towers, barracks, etc.);
  • long-term bets (tournament winner, region, player comparison);
  • bets on show matches, 1x1 tournaments, special offers from bookmakers.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 matches are most often available on live. The bookmakers are allowed to bet in the match until the end of the card. You can put both real money and in-game items ("skins"). The latter are graded by rarity and have their value on the Steam marketplace. Obviously, only special portals or some cybersport bookmakers offer to deliver items.

The process of betting things is as follows:

  • the player registers on the BC site or site;
  • binds an account on the site to your Steam;
  • transfers through the exchange of items to the bot or employee of the BC;
  • the player is credited with money (points) on the balance in the BC;
  • the player takes the win items on the available points;

Also recently, cryptocurrency rates have been actively accepted, but this can rather be attributed to a variety of the payment system.

Dota 2 Betting Advantages

There is a huge number of matches. Dota 2 games are played very often and at almost any time of the day. There are many tournaments, both the highest echelon and the weaker ones. And almost all of them bookmakers take bets. In addition, the largest events are preceded by regional qualifications, which usually last even longer than the main part of the tournament. In general, there is always something to put on.

There are great line and odds. As already stated above, the choice of bets on the matches is very good. You can put virtually any event in the game. The margin is about the same as for football or other sports. Check the tips to improve your skills and get started.