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How to Take an Advantage in Shooter Games?

Every player has sticks to his own strategies and has his own success tactics. However, there are plenty of options you can use to take an advantage in such games as Dota and CSGO but all of them are based on two options - this is either playing together or surround the enemy. Depending on what situation you are in and how big this quantitative advantage is, you can use a variety of tactics or combine them with each other. Do you wonder how you can benefit from learning as many of them as possible? Before betting on on your favorite games, you need to better understand what is going on not to lose money.

Various Options to Consider

Woder how to succeed in shooter games? There are many ways and each option is different both in its advantages and disadvantages. For example, we have one defender and two attackers. The option with the surrounding in this case is not the most appropriate one.

Most likely, the enemy will take a position from which you cannot unambiguously surround him, that is, he will try to do everything in order to end up with two 1x1 duels, and he will most likely succeed. At the same time, again, from the position of defense, he can choose such places where he will have an obvious advantage, which already makes the first duel a failure and lose the quantitative advantage here is much easier than to realize it.

Much more effectively in this case is to act together, and ultimately to ensure a quick but effective exchange. If you act correctly, then in the worst of circumstances, the enemy kills one, while his partner determines the location of the enemy and makes the exchange. Thus, in this situation, the 2x1 game is obviously a winning one.

At the same time, if you remain in the minority, you, again, need to behave aggressively. By securing your passive protection, you will eventually come to the conclusion that you will either be exchanged or surrounded, and in any case you will lose. By choosing aggressive tactics, you increase the chances that you will have time to meet with one of the opponents before he can get the support of his teammates, and as a result, simply deprive them of their quantitative advantage.

There are lots of different tactical features and nuances. Feel free to invent your strategies and develop new tactics, because unpredictability is the first step to victory! However, it is better to develop your game tactics taking into account the knowledge of the game basics - for this, check the shooter basics guide here.