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Simple Tricks that Will Help to Succeed in League of Legends

There are hardly any gamers who have not heard of League of Legends. The most popular game in the world, the most popular e-sports discipline in the world - LoL has firmly held its leading position for the past 6 years. We tell you what a game looks like that is played regularly by almost 100 million people! Lolbettings also become more and more popular. Want to be the one who benefits from playing LoL? Then, hold on reading the useful tips!

An hour of time is enough to start playing League of Legends. The game is free, system requirements are ridiculous even for outdated PCs - the game offers you to look at the map and learn how to shoot for Ash, and after a short training it sends to all four sides. To understand the League of Legends will take from several weeks to several months. Five positions in the game, more than a hundred champions with unique skills, hundreds of items and variations of their assemblies are just a base, seasoned with a huge amount of nuances, without knowing which you cannot even reach the average level.

To succeed in the League of Legends may not be enough for several years. Regular updates and changes in the weather, the emergence of new champions and the processing of old ones, the emergence of unexpected strategies and wonderful team compositions - the community has independently made League of Legends a game, the exclusive competitive component of which is in constant motion and requires attention even to the smallest details. That's why fans love this game so much. Since its release in 2009, the game has come a long way, and the more it develops, the more difficult and more interesting the path to mastery becomes.

Tips for New Players

Check expert recommendations:

  • Don't be afraid to leave the team if it is necessary. All people are different, and at some point in any team there is a situation when the difference in the level of play of individual summoners will be critically large. Do not be afraid in this case to leave the team and look for a more suitable level of allies. Friendship is friendship, but such situations are not beneficial to anyone.
  • Analyze your game. In Japanese, there is a term Kaizen, which means "continuous improvement." It is precisely this, plus the constant re-checking of one's own knowledge and methods. Keep track of which champions are chosen by top players in the same position as you. If they play with other characters, ask yourself - why? Are they ahead of your time or are you lagging behind?
  • Go to tournaments. Summoners get a very rewarding experience when they even go to parochial tournaments. This is the first serious test for the future champion: can you concentrate in an unusual setting and play adequately. Often, in such tournaments, people are nervous and perform worse than in a comfortable home chair, but this is the first step to raising a champion cup over your head and proudly calling yourself a real cyber sportsman. Follow the tips above and you will see that the result will be impressive!