The World Guide and Database for Volunteer Work In Nature Conservation

Which Voluntary Work Opportunities Do You Have?

More and more people are looking for the voluntary work because this kind of activity can provide you with a number of benefits. You will be able to travel around the world spending little money. It is a great opportunity for students to improve the knowledge of the foreign language and gain some new knowledge. There are a lot of different interesting volunteer programs you can participate in. Among them, there is an organization VSO, "voluntary services overseas" - an analogue of "Peace corps" in the US. Find out which volunteer work opportunities you can choose from.

Each volunteer program has its own direction, but the requirements are approximately the same. You do not need special knowledge or education, anyone can become a volunteer. But there is always a big competition and some candidates are rejected. The preference is given to young people with an active lifestyle. You must be sociable, friendly and have no bad habits.

The Best Voluntary Work Opportunities Around the World

First, you need to register on the official website of the chosen program and fill out a questionnaire. After that, you will be invited to an interview, which can be offline or online. Based on the results of the interview, a decision is made whether you suit for the chosen voluntary work or not. Have a look at the best working programmes:

  • There is an opportunity to visit North America is the Appalachian Trail Conference, which invites all comers to the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains are located in two states, Maine and Georgia, and occupy more than 250 thousand acres of land. They are looking for the engineers, builders, guides and environmentalists.
  • Conservation Volunteers is a way to visit Australia or New Zealand and participate in the organization of eco-tourism, to promote the conservation of rare species of animals and plants. The registration fee is about $ 100, at the expense of the host party feeds visitors.
  • For students of philology, the experience of teaching English to schoolchildren in Sudan will be very interesting. This state is in Africa and is considered one of the poorest on the planet. Volunteers live in a school or college, where they teach, in addition, take part in other social projects. A small grant is even paid here.
  • Those who are attracted to the Himalayas will be interested in the Move Nepal program. For 2 weeks, foreigners learn the basics of the Nepali language, and then go to different parts of the country to help in schools, monasteries or hospitals. Guests are accommodated in the homes of local residents.
  • Turtle Teams brings together small groups of activists from all over the world who are engaged in the preservation of endangered sea turtles. Experienced divers are invited to participate at any time, activists will be grateful even for one-day assistance. More information about them can be found on the official website.
  • The United Nations accepts courageous and brave young people. Volunteers help in the most dangerous points of our planet: they eliminate the consequences of earthquakes and man-made disasters, save people in floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Which Pros Does Voluntary Work Have?

There is a list of organizations, which send volunteer abroad for free:

  • Turtle Teams;
  • Conversation Volunteers;
  • Sudan Volunteers;
  • Appalachian Trail;
  • Pease Corps;
  • UN Volunteers.

Voluntary work abroad is not paid but all volunteer programs provide free meals and accommodation. Also, their integral part is clothes with original symbols. But the material side of the issue is not the main thing. During your volunteer activity, you can visit the most interesting and picturesque places on our Earth. You will have many friends and like-minded people, and some acquaintances can be not only pleasant, but also useful.