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Travel Around the World Participating in Volunteer Abroad Free Programs

Probably everyone dreams to visit the most interesting places of our planet: see elephants and kangaroos, breathe the air of the African savannah or conquer snowy mountain tops. If the problem of expensive air travel can be solved by buying cheap tickets with the discount, then the cost of living, food and entertainment costs cannot be avoided. Volunteer abroad free experience is the best possible solution. Volunteering along with internships enables young people from virtually anywhere in the world to visit abroad for almost free.

Is Volunteering for You?

This way of traveling will suit people who are not indifferent to the global problems of mankind: low literacy of the population in Africa and Asia, bad ecology, extinction of wild animals. Although, participants are not forced to engage in heavy physical labor, certain duties will have to be performed regularly. Sometimes, these are intellectual tasks, such as teaching foreign languages and getting acquainted with the culture of other nationalities. More often, young people are engaged in arranging tourist routes, cleaning up reserves, helping birds and animals.

The second possibility, which gives volunteering abroad, is to live free for a few weeks in another state. As a rule, the participant pays the travel independently, but all the expenses for accommodation and meals are borne by the host party. Foreign guests look at the country not like tourists: communicating with local residents, working with them allows you to see the life of the people from inside. Some programs lodge their participants in host families, others provide them with separate housing.

How Can You Benefit from the Volunteering Experience?

Young people are attracted to volunteering abroad because it allows them to test their strength, get out of the comfort zone, feel the taste of an independent life without excessive parental care. Volunteering abroad automatically makes the resume more attractive to employers, especially when it comes to international organizations such as the UN or the Red Cross. To receive a scholarship in a foreign university or a sponsorship grant is also much easier for a competitor who has a similar experience.

For those who are interested in hiking, you should pay attention to HF Holidays. This company annually looks for guides, who for accommodation and food are ready to accompany tourist groups in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria. There is a also another project you can take part in. It is called Peace corps, where participants are restoring monuments of architecture, equip tourist trails.

Are There Any Requirements You Should Meet?

Without knowledge of the language, volunteering abroad is impossible. For most programs, the knowledge of English will be enough but you may also need German, Spanish or French. You do not need to present a certificate, pass grammatical tests or write complex essays. It will be enough to show in the interview that you understand the essence of the conversation and can clearly formulate your thoughts.

To successfully pass the selection, you need to demonstrate your personal qualities. Commodity, openness, ability to work in a team, stress-resistance are highly valued. If you want to go abroad for free, you must have a valid passport, medical insurance, a certificate from your place of study. In 2018, the chances of taking part in one of the projects are much higher among applicants with an open Schengen visa. For teenagers, volunteer programs are not available, but there are special tent camps where the guys are cleaning up the reserves or marking hiking trails.