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What to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk

standing desks

There's been a bunch of buzz about standing desks and their positive effects on the health condition, mental processes, and productivity. Numerous studies have proved that we, human beings, work better when we stand. Also, we become healthier and happier.

That's why multiple offices (both at home and on-premise) are incorporating standing desks to upgrade their workstations.

So, when sitting is no longer an option, you can handle your work in a standing position. But how do you go through this experience comfortable and stress-free?

The answer is very simple. You pick the fitting standing desk and that's all, folks.

It sounds easy until you get underway with the search process. When you put in the "buy standing desk online" query, you get about 500,000 results. And the diversity of models, features, modifications can astonish. It might be startling because it's not as easy as you thought it would be.

Since a standing desk is a costly purchase, you will want to buy the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Read this article and learn how to select the matching desk for an improved standing experience.

1. Type

Based on the space you've got, devices you are going to use, peculiarities of your work and workstyle itself, and some other factors, you can pick between three main types of standing desks:

  • Adjustable sit-stand desks
  • Standing desk converters
  • Treadmill desks

Each of them is beneficial in their own way.

Adjustable sit-stand desks

Adjustable sit-stand desks have different mechanisms. The manual setup is cheaper but is limited in its height regulation. Every time you want to switch to a standing or sitting mode, you need to make the regulations manually.

However, there are sit-stand desks with electric motors. You just push the button to adjust the height. But get ready that they'll cost you a pretty penny.

Standing desk converters

Standing desk converters are meant to upgrade your ordinary desk into a standing one. They rest directly on your existing desktop. In this way, they are great for offices with in-build desks providing an ergonomic solution that doesn't require much space for improving work conditions. They come in various modifications and designs.

treadmill desk

A treadmill desk helps you keep fit while you are working. It is equipped with a running track. So, you can slowly walk or run as you are solving your work tasks.

Before making a final decision, let us remind you once again. Settle on the type that fits your sort of work and devices you utilize to fulfill your daily work assignments.

2. Height range

The way you stand is highly important. You can read about the right posture while you are working at a standing desk here. Just mind that the misuse of this tool can lead to the completely opposite effect. So choose the desk that offers the height range that is acceptable for you.

3. Weight capacity

Are you going to use a laptop and a mouse for your work? Or does your job involve the use of multiple monitors and extra hefty devices? When selecting a standing desk, remember to check the weight capacity. You want to make sure that your new workstation could hold all your devices, don't you?

4. Budget

The price range for standing desks varies dramatically. You can buy a tool for $100. Most likely, it'll be a converter with no options for adjustability. If you're looking for a more upgraded version, the prices go up and could reach obscenely high figures ($2,000 and up). The average price tag for a standing desk is $500. So, it's up to you and your wallet to decide which standing desk to choose.

5. Work surface

Make sure your new workplace can hold all your devices, papers, mugs of tea, or whatever. Today's market offers solutions for every taste. You can choose between desks that are good for a laptop only and the ones that replace your conventional workstation with enough space to keep all your stuff at hand.

6. Extra features

Are you searching for a desk with a holder for multiple monitors? Should it have a special section for your keyboard or a system block? Should these parts be adjustable? It all depends on the standing desk configuration. Make sure that the option you have selected brings you the desired features that will facilitate your working process.

7. Quality

Plastic, wood, or metal? These materials define the quality of your future standing desk. Of course, plastic is the cheapest option. Yet, its quality is not the same as the class of desks made of wood or metal. Also, mind the assembling quality. Would you trust an unsound standing desk to hold your MacBook?

8. Warranty

Cheap standing desks do not have any warranty. But when you are purchasing an expensive product, the shop will provide you one. The warranty periods vary greatly. Some companies provide their customers with two years of guaranteed service maintenance, while others will offer you five years of a warranty period. Just don't forget to check it with the desk distributor.

9. Assembling

The simpler the product, the less time you need for setting up. But what should you do if you're going to purchase an electric desk that might be hard to assemble? Just check if the seller offers assembly manuals or video instructions. It will help you define whether you can set up your desk on your own or need to hire a specialist.

10. Stability

Construction quality, additional frames, and their weight, legs height have an effect on the standing desk stability. Make sure that your future desk is stable enough to stay unmoved as you work at it.

11. Working circumstances

Are you purchasing a standing desk for an organization or your home office? What is the space you can use to assemble your new workstation? These factors will define the type, budget, extra features you might need to look for when getting a new desk for you or your team.

12. Design

Do you surround yourself with things that please your eye? Standing desks come in different shapes and designs. From simple to exquisite, there are models for every taste.

Final word

The abundance of options always makes the choice harder. What a bliss it would be to go to one shop and opt for a single desk model available out there. No agony of choice. No research that takes several days. You just get what they are giving to you.

But our world is different. We are given plenty of choices even when we purchase cotton buds.

And when you are going to get your hands on such an expensive and complicated product as a standing desk, it's better to take time, do research, and make an educated decision.

In this article, we have enumerated the things you should consider before picking the standing desk. Pay regard to these factors and make the purchase that will upgrade your workstation to a new level of comfort.

But no matter what model you choose, we hope you'll enjoy a new working mode ensured by a standing workplace.