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Which Skills Do You Need to Have for Getting A-Grades for Essays?

An essay is a form of the written assignment for students used to check the level of knowledge on a specific topic as well as writing skills. Essays are assigned at schools, and various faculties of colleges and universities in order to reveal students' inherent personal qualities, abilities for cognitive activity, independent work, scientific and creative activity. An essay is a creative work that represents the author's vision of a problem, question or phenomenon and is stated in a critically publicistic manner.

What is the Order and Criteria for Evaluating an Essay?

Either you are going to write your essay on your own or you will entrust this task to professionals like, you should know what your teacher expects from you and how he/she is going to evaluate your paper on the basis of certain skills and abilities.

Criteria for evaluating an essay written by a student are the following:

  • Compliance of the content of the work with the topic, the ability to disclose it;
  • The ability to find and cover convincing facts and arguments on the topic of the essay;
  • The degree of clarity, consistency in the reflection of thoughts in the text of the essay, the ability to analyze facts and draw reasoned conclusions on their basis;
  • The personal attitude to the problem;
  • The compliance with the requirements;
  • The ability to choose a rational way of acquiring knowledge and finding the optimal solution to the tasks;
  • The ability to use modern scientific methods of modeling situations, knowledge of methods, forms and means of organization of labor in scientific, industrial activities, in the sphere of public administration;
  • The ability to select, classify, and analyze the information on a certain topic.

These are the most important abilities and skills you should have for writing F+ essays.

If you need to defend your paper in front of class, you are expected to be able to substantiate the urgency of the problem, disclose the state of its scientific development, and justify your own vision and standpoint on the topic.

How to Get an A-Grade for an Essay?

You will get A+ if you have the systematized and profound knowledge of the curriculum material for the discipline. In addition, in order to receive an excellent grade, it will be necessary to learn the content of both the main and additional literature provided for studying by the professional training program and, of course, find a creative approach to understanding, presenting and applying the training materials of the professional training program. Now you know what your teacher will pay attention to when evaluating your paper. This knowledge will help you to find out which skills are necessary for good essay writing.